4 Ways to Increase the Visibility of Your Business Using Google+

Google+ is probably one of the most underused social media platforms for businesses. There are a number of features of Google+ which will benefit your business in a big way. Many people perceive Google+ to be just another social media platform whereas in reality it is not so. Google+ is a great marketing tool if used correctly by businesses. Below mentioned are 4 ways in which your business can use Google+.

Use Google+ collections to compile posts of a certain category together

When you are posting content regularly on a specific aspect of your business, it makes a lot of sense to use the Google+ Collections feature. This feature lets you compile all the content posted by you on a specific topic in one place making it easier for your followers to access the content. This is especially useful when you wish to compile all content related to specific campaigns in one place.

Add location details on your business’s Google+ page

Once a Google+ page has been created for your business, the first way you can use the platform for your business is by listing your website. Following this, your business’s working hours, office address and others can be mentioned. This helps boost your presence on search engines (Google specifically) and subsequently affect your rankings in a positive way. Adding an address and a website to look up gives your business an identity and helps people better identify your business.

Use more images in your Google+ posts

Visuals are used not just to attract the attention of people but also as a part of brand building exercise. Using visuals on your business’s Google+ page helps your business appear on your brand’s or business’s SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). This is a great way to build your presence on search engines. This is possible if your page is locally verified. The better optimized the visuals, greater the chances of your business ranking higher on search engines.

Linkback your Pins to your Google+ page

Linking the Pins on your business’s Pinterest profile back to your Google+ page is a great way to engage with your followers on Google+. When viewers of the Pins posted on your business Pinterest profile come to your Google+ page, they have the option of +1ing the content posted. This gradually leads to more such activities as well as sharing of such posts will lead to Google noticing this activity. This subsequently helps in your SEO efforts.

With these 4 steps, your business is surely going to become more visible on search engines as well as help you increase the number of followers on Google+.